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What is the Holistic Massage?

If you want your soul to soar, do something good for your body.
Enjoy a holistic massage.

Holistic massage is all about relaxing. Enjoy relaxation.

Holistic massage is a therapeutic bodywork incorporating a range of massage technics to promote general wellbeing by alleviating physical and emotional tension.
Holistic massage can help to release trauma recorded in the body.
Massage works on the physical level by improving the circulation and lymphatic drainage aiding the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells while eliminating toxins and releasing muscular tensions.
Massage can aid relaxation by calming the nervous system while helping to regulate the heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and digestive functions.

Before your initial session, you will receive a consultation with your therapist to discuss your main concerns, general health and lifestyle such as sleeping patterns, stress level and the diet. So, that your therapist will be able to treat you holistically by addressing all factors which may be the root causes of your health concerns. Then your therapist will give you some time to undress in private and make yourself comfortable on the massage table.

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If you want your soul to soar, do something good for your body.

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