Holistic Massage in Dublin

Holistic Massage in Dublin - Clara Holistic Clinic

Holistic massage is a unique therapy that combines special massage techniques and stretching maneuvers for muscle and joint recovery. Efficiency for mobilising and flexing the body, but also for relaxing the mind.

The term “holistic” derives from the ancient Greek word “holos”, which means “whole”.

From a holistic, integrative perspective, the body is seen as a reflection of the whole person and of all the experiences treated. The body is considered the “home” of conscious or unconscious emotions, belief systems and spiritual expression. During the holistic massage, the therapist limits her interest not only to the condition of the body, but also to the joys and challenges that occur in the client’s life. This helps the therapist to realise the resources that the client has, as well as the dysfunctions that can impede the healing process.

In other words, holistic massage allows the body to develop its natural healing abilities and to balance the whole body as a whole.

The benefits of holistic massage are:

  • improves blood circulation
  • elimination of tension in the body
  • eliminates the accumulated stress in the body
  • oxygenation of the whole body
  • general well-being, both physical and mental
  • induces relaxation

Beyond the benefits obtained in the case of specific conditions or diseases, some people enjoy massage because it involves comfort and a sense of care and pleasure.

Despite its benefits, massage should not replace regular medical care.

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